Mark arrived in London during the 1980s, and wasted no time in building a reputation as a highly skilled practitioner in airbrush illustration and the world of post-production. His studio, in the Essex borders where he now lives, is wallpapered in examples of his work, featuring many of the world’s most famous motorsport events and cars. Although clearly a motoring fanatic, his personal passions also extend to architecture, design, lighting, landscape gardening, self-drive road trips around Europe and hot curry.




As an experienced and skilled retoucher, Mark has the ability to manipulate any image, be it an illustration or a photograph. Put another way, he is the magician who can make a bland surface sparkle, or turn a mundane view into an attention-seeking one. His work covers a spectrum, from delicate retouching of small details right up to the apparently impossible… including the addition or removal of whole elements of an image (see before & after). Specialising in the automotive, fashion and jewellery sectors, he has worked alongside many of the UK’s leading photographers, and is trusted by top global brands such as Aston Martin, Ferrari, Rolls-Royce and Bentley to make them look even better than they are.


As one who spends his working life focusing in on the detail of imagery, it is no surprise that Mark is also a shrewd photographer. With his camera equipment never too far away, his skills have been called in to play for reportage, detailed studio shoots and harnessing the atmosphere of well-known events. In a studio, he can capture every nuance of a piece of jewellery so that the final image leaps invitingly out of a page or screen. At his second home of Brands Hatch, or any other race track for that matter, he can conjure the drama, speed and passion of a motor racing event; or equally, at Hampton Court, the polished gentility of a concours d’élégance.




As a natural progression from being a specialist airbrush artist, Mark is also a talented illustrator. Although he might prefer his subject matter to come with four wheels, there is basically nothing beyond the reach of his pen, ink or airbrush. Where he takes this a step further is having the ability to bring traditional skills and techniques into the digital age.