Porsche 917 LH (Langheck) Martini ‘Hippie Car’ Livery by Anatole Lapine (1970)


20 x 20 inch (508 x 508mm)
Small unlimited print –

30 x 30 inch
Large Limited edition of 50 prints –

The Porsche 917 was condemned by most of the top drivers of the period as being lethal to drive. Various experiments with aerodynamics gradually tamed the beast. For me the best of these is the longtail (Langheck) version intended for the faster circuits where top speed was paramount.

The 917 LH looks great almost from any angle but add the unforgettable Martini Hippie car graphics and you have a genuine sportscar icon. I referenced many period photographs to replicate this Anatole Lapine livery as many later re-interpretations are just not right. Pretty amazing results for a car that was decorated in the pits using spray cans!

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